Lithionite is a shell script that plays audio streams from LETio powered Internet radio stations with the help of MPlayer. It came to existence when support for LETio streams was requested in Linterna Mágica, another project I support, that plays web video without Flash. It turned out LETio streams were too complex to be supported in Linterna Mágica, mainly because of it's technical limitations.


Lithionite will check for dependencies at runtime. This is the list of the main packages that are required:

Why that name?

Lithionite is a synonym of Lepidolite which is a mineral. It came to me like that. LETio was transformed to "litio", which is the Spanish word for lithium. Lithionite contains lithium.


Lithionite is free software. You can distribute it and or modify it under the terms of the GNU GPL version 3 or later. You can see the license in the COPYING file in Lithionite source tarball or at the GNU project web page:

Report bugs

If you find any bugs, please report them at Lithionite's bug tracker at Savannah:


If you have questions or need help, subscribe to Lithionie's mailing list, and send an e-mail.



Lithionite is free software and can be downloaded and shared freely. If you like it, find it useful and have the desire to spend some money, then please, consider making a donation.


21th of November 2011
You can report bugs, subscribe to the mailing list, get the latest source code from the repository.
16th of November 2011
Approved for hosting at Savannah.
2nd of October 2011
Initial public release of version 0.1